Paddlecopia 2019 Courses




Stand Up Paddleboarding Courses


Intro to SUP


In this course you will learn the basic skills of how to mount, dismount and maneuver your board safely all while giving you the confidence and basic strokes you need to tackle the water. Walk away with the knowledge to safely carry your board as well as sizing your paddle.

Intermediate SUP


Builds on your basic skills and knowledge gained in Basic SUP. perfect for those looking to advance their skill level! We will work on various draw strokes, pivot turns, bracing, and more effective maneuvering for a more efficient paddle.

SUP Fitness


This course will introduce creative ways to improve your fitness through core strengthening, endurance and balance exercises that you can do on your own. The perfect blend of exercise and fun!

SUP Yoga


Tone your core, build your stability and challenge your balance through slow movements and meditation. SUP yoga will provide you with a ton of fun all while letting the stresses of the day float away from you.  

SUP Racing techniques


Gain a variety of techniques to increase your racing performance through strokes, buoy turns and the various race starts techniques. Not just for the racers but for long distance paddlers as well.  Put those skills to use at the Ontario SUP Race series on Sunday, June,16th.


Kayak Courses


Intro to Kayak


Learn a variety of basic skills from how to adjust your gear for a proper fit, tips and tricks for smooth entries and exits and basic paddle strokes. We will set you up for success with learning to be comfortable balancing your kayak and basic techniques for good boat control.

Intermediate Kayak


This course grows on the learning from Intro to Kayak with an introduction to sweeps strokes with confident edging control, low and high brace recoveries and draw strokes for moving your kayak sideways. It’s focused on helping you master skills and develop your confidence for your next kayaking adventure.

Kayak Rescue


Participants in this course will learn the basics of self and assisted rescues; wet exits, two people assisted T-rescues, and self-rescue with techniques to re-enter the kayak alone. The self-rescue skills taught will give you more confidence than ever!

Learn to Roll:




Sea Kayak


White water


Sea Kayak - Beginners can expect to learn the basic skills of rolling such as wet exit, safe body mechanics, including on land skills you can take home to help with your next attempts.

Greenland Roll  - A technique of rolling that is executed by passing through either a face-up or face-down body position. Beginners can expect to learn the basic skills of rolling, including on land skills they can take home to help with their next attempts.

W.W. - Being able to roll a kayak is an absolute must for all whitewater kayakers. Beginners can expect to learn the basic skills of rolling, including on land skills they can take home to help with their next attempts.

Canoe Courses


Basic Solo Canoeing


Learn the basic solo skills that will enable you to put your canoe exactly where you want it to go. Skills covered: forward and back paddling, pivots, sideslips and controlled stopping.

Basic Tandem Canoeing


Discover the basic tandem skills of efficient tandem canoeing. Learn strokes in both bow and stern, using MITH and communication.

Tandem Manoeuvres


Apply your essential strokes, sync-up and paddle as a team doing tandem manoeuvres under power. Learn how to control your canoe with precision using on-water games and drills.

Camping courses


Backcountry Cooking


Get tips and tricks on cooking a feast in the backcountry, hands-on learning at it’s yummiest!

Compass & Map Reading


Designed for individuals wishing to apply basic land navigation skills for outdoor activities. An introduction to map reading, orienting a compass, setting a bearing using a compass and plotting points on a map.