Hassle Free Warranties

We are confident in the quality of the gear we sell and we want you to be too. This is why we’ve decided to offer our own hassle free warranty, for the first 6 months from the date of purchase (except for Canada Goose products*).


How it works

If you feel that there is a manufacturer’s defect with the item you purchased within the first 6 months,one of our managers will take a look at it, if the issue is deemed to be a manufacturer’s defect, you get a replacement or store credit right on the spot.


Why are we doing this?

Typically warranty determinations have to be made by the manufacturer of the product. This usually involves sending the product back by mail to the manufacturer, so that they can look at it and make a warranty determination. This is all fine and dandy in theory, but in the real world it can be unpractical. If it’s December and you just bought a winter coat you need a replacement now, not in 3 weeks!


What if the manager deems the product not defective?

If the manager that  looks at your returned product, feels that the issue is not a manufacturers defect, you may still request that we send your item back to the manufacturer for warranty determination.


What if I purchased my product more than 6 months ago?

Don’t worry we still have your back. We will be glad to submit your issue to the manufacturer for warranty determination.


Two ways to deal with warranty

  • Visit us in person at our Ottawa store.

    We want to offer you the best customer service. Simply bring the item you want to warranty along with a copy of the invoice/receipt and our staff will be happy to help you out.

  • By Email

    Use the contact form below to notify us of the issue. Fill in the required fields and include as much detail as possible about the issue. Further instructions will be provided to you via email.

Things to keep in mind when dealing with warranties

  • A proof of purchase is required for any warranty issue. When purchasing product from our store we strongly recommend that you ask for your purchase to be put under your name in our system, so that if you lose your receipt we’ve got a copy on file.
  • The manufacturer of the product has final say when determining a warranty issue.
  • Most manufacturers do not cover regular wear and tear or fit issues.
  • Manufacturers may choose to repair, replace or credit items.
  • In order to comply with our manufacturers health and safety regulations, as well as for the protection of our staff, we kindly ask that all products be cleaned before being brought in for warranty. Our staff may refuse to take your product if it is dirty, smelly or wet.
  • We strive to process warranties quickly however some delays are out of our control. This is particularly true in cases where, the item needs to be sent back to the manufacturer for warranty determination, or  when a replacement needs to be shipped back from the manufacturer.
  • There are shipping costs involved in returning items to the manufacturer. For the first year from the date of purchase we will cover those charges, if the product has been purchased more than a year ago or if the item is not deemed to be defective by the manufacturer, the customer will need to cover all shipping costs.


*Canada Goose Warranties                                      

Canada Goose has requested that all warranty determinations be made on their end. For this reason we are unable to extend our 6 month hassle free warranty to Canada Goose products. For hygienic reasons Canada Goose has a policy of washing all garments before working on them and typically charge a $40 fee for that service. They also try to repair garments rather than replace whenever possible.

Please fill out this form if you are dealing with a warranty issue but cannot come in store.


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