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Boat Repairs and Ski Tuning Shop

We have been doing canoe, kayak and sup maintenance and repair in Ottawa, Ontario since 1972. We also run a cross country and alpine touring ski shop in the winter.

Canoe, Kayak and SUP Repairs

The repair shop is now open for the summer 2020 season! Due to covid, please maintain social distancing when dropping your boat, thank you :)

We offer a wide range of services for a variety of watercraft including; gunwale replacement, hull cleanup, skid plate application and more.

Repair Procedure:
  • Repairs are done by appointment only. Use the form below to contact our repair shop informing them you  need work done on your boat.
  • Drop offs are by appointment only at Trailhead Paddle Shack (2148 Carling Ave.) Monday mornings between 8:30 and 10:30. You must have received permission from our repair department to drop off your boat.
  • When dropping off your boat our repairman will provide an estimate of cost and time required for the repair.
  • Once the repair is complete, you will be contacted by email to make arrangements for pick up and payment.
  • Pick-up/payment will be by appointment only Thursday evenings from 5:30 - 7:30 pm at Trailhead Paddle Shack (2148 Carling Ave).

Minimum repair charge: $120

All appointments and inquiries must be made using the form below.

Fixed price repairs:
Repair Includes Price
Wood Gunwale Replacement

Ash Gunwales, End decks, Stainless Steel Hardware, Oil Finish, Labour

Vinyl Gunwale Replacement

Vinyl Gunwales, End decks, Stainless Steel Hardware, Labour

Skid Plates For Composite Boats

Kevlar Felt / Resin, Labour

Skid Plates For Royalex Boats

Kevlar Felt / Resin, Labour

Hull Cleanup, Buff and Polish

Hull Cleanup, Hull Buff & Polish


Repairs requiring a quote
(80$ / hour + cost of materials):


Structural Repairs to Fibreglass, Kevlar, Carbon, Royalex, T-Formex etc.

Gelcoat Repairs

Stand Up Paddle Board Repairs (Excludes Inflatable Stand UP Paddleboards)

Cedar Canoe Repair

Rudder/Skeg repairs





Cross-Country and Alpine Touring Ski Tuning

Our Ski Shop is Closed for the season see you next winter!

Service Price
Universal Hot Wax by Hand $25.00
LF Fluorinated Temperature Specific Hot Wax $40.00
Hot Wax & Grip Zone Base Binder (With universal wax) $25.00
Hot Wax & Grip Zone Base Binder (With fluorinated wax) $40.00
BC Hot Wax & Edge Sharpen (With Universal Wax) $30.00
BC Hot Wax & Edge Sharpen (With Fluorinated Wax) $40.00
Pine Tar (Call for Availability) $40.00
Grip Zone Cleaning $10.00
Binding Install (Free with the purchase of skis and bindings) $30.00
NIS IFP Binding Install $5.00
Repairs (Delamination, Base PTEX etc.) $70.00/HR Materials Included (Min Charge $40.00)
Skin Fit and Shaping $25.00
Binding Removal (With the purchase of new skis and bindings) $10.00
Classic Skin Install $20.00