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Trailhead Canoes

Trailhead Canoes Calabogie 16

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Trailhead Canoes Trailhead Canoes Calabogie 16

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The Trailhead Canoes Calabogie 16, an asymmetrical canoe design that perfectly blends speed, stability and manoeuvrability.

Max Capacity
850 lbs

The Trailhead canoes Calabogie 16 is an asymmetrical design with a shallow draft making it incredibly fast and efficient.  The moderate rocker allows for straight tracking while remaining manoeuvring. The wider base and narrower gunwales (tumblehome) facilitate efficient paddle strokes, particularly in solo mode.

The Calabogie 16 retains the renowned versatility of the Trailhead Canoe line, perfectly suited for long trips due to its speed and stability. Whether you're an experienced paddler or a beginner, the Calabogie 16 is the ideal choice for those seeking a perfect blend of speed, stability, and manoeuvrability to go exploring. Embark on your long-distance paddling adventures with the Calabogie 16.

The Trailhead Calabogie 16 is available in four material options:

  • Basalt Innegra
    • Basalt innegra is a composite of basalt fiber and polypropylene fiber that offers high impact resistance and durability at an affordable price. It is ideal for beginners or recreational paddlers who want a tough canoe that can withstand rough use.
  • Kevlar Lite
    • Our Kevlar Lite laminate is a modern take on one of the most popular composite canoe materials on the market. These boats feature a Kevlar outer layer, foam ribs and a floor insert for extra strength, and a beautiful naturally coloured Basalt Innegra Comingle cloth interior.
  • Carbon
    • The carbon lay-up is the lightest weight laminate construction in any of our infusion moulded canoes. This layup features a traditional black carbon fiber cloth on the exterior with a basalt innegra twill layer on the interior. Foam ribs and a floor insert provide extra strength in key structural areas.
  • Carbon Kevlar
    • Our Carbon Kevlar lay-up blends amazing aesthetics with modern composite technology. Dyed Kevlar (Red or Teal) is woven together with black carbon fiber, combining the robustness of Kevlar with the light weight of carbon fiber. The interior of our Carbon Kevlar canoes feature a tasteful earth-tone Basalt Innegra Commingle.
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Trailhead Canoes Calabogie 16 Basalt Innegra, Vinyl Trim, Bordeaux Red, No Options
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Basalt Innegra layups include ash seats, deep dish yoke, thwart and handles.
All other layups include cherry seats, deep dish yoke, thwart and handles.