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Canoe Kayak and Sup Repair Shop

The repair shop is now closed for the 2023 season. You can still send repair enquiries via the form but they will not be looked at until we are ready to re-open the repair shop in Spring 2024.

We have been doing canoe, kayak and sup maintenance and repair in Ottawa, Ontario since 1972. We offer a wide range of services for a variety of watercraft including; gunwale replacement, hull cleanup, skid plate application and more.

Repair Procedure:
  • Drop offs will be by appointment only. You must have received permission from our repair department to drop off your boat. Use the form below to contact our repair shop informing them you  need work done on your boat.
  • Boats must dropped off at our repair shop: 2224 Donald B Munro. Do not bring boats to the store they will be refused.
  • When dropping off your boat our repairman will provide an estimate of cost and time required for the repair.
  • Once the repair is complete, you will be contacted by email to make arrangements for pick up and payment. Repaired boat needs to be picked up within 14 days or a charge $30 per month will be added to your repair bill for storage.

Canoe Repair Prices:
Repair Includes Price
Wood Gunwale Replacement Oil Finish

Includes: Ash Gunwales, End decks, Stainless Steel Hardware, Oil Finish

Wood Gunwale Replacement Varnish Finish

Includes: Ash Gunwales, End decks, Stainless Steel Hardware, Varnish Finish

Vinyl Gunwale Replacement Composite Canoes

Includes: Vinyl Gunwales, End decks, Stainless Steel Hardware

Vinyl Gunwale Replacement Royalex/T-formex Canoes

Includes: Vinyl Gunwales, End decks, Stainless Steel Hardware

Regular Skid Plate Install

Includes Kevlar Felt / Resin

Wider Whitewater Skid Plates Install

Includes Kevlar Felt / Resin

Hull Cleanup, Buff and Polish

Hull Cleanup, Hull Buff & Polish

Whitewater Canoe Outfitting Install

Includes: End cages, knee foam, and D-rings

Yoke Replacement

Includes Deep Dish Yoke

Ash $200

Cherry $220

Seat replacement

Includes seat and hardware

Ash $150

Cherry $160

Third Seat Install

Includes Ash Seat

Wood Gunwales Reconditioning

Oil Finish

Kayak Repair Prices:
Repair Price
Skeg Cable Replacement $200
Rudder Cable Replacement $250
Reseal Bulkheads Poly Kayaks $100

All other repairs require a quote and are priced at $150 for the first hours and 100$ / hour for subsequent hours + cost of materials. Minimum charge $150

Examples of repairs requiring a quote:

Structural Repairs to Fibreglass, Kevlar, Carbon, Royalex, T-Formex etc, Gelcoat Repairs, Stand Up Paddle Board Repairs (Excludes Inflatable Stand UP Paddleboards), Cedar Canoe Repair, Rudder/Skeg repairs.

Drop Off Location: 2224 Donald B Munro

  • Please do not go to the house when you drop off your canoe. The repair shop is located here:

Repair Request Form