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How to Make New Friends to Paddle With in Ottawa

How to Make New Friends to Paddle With in Ottawa

Ottawa is home to beautiful rivers, close to nearby lakes, and has great white water too. Being out on the water is a fantastic way to spend the day and can be relaxing or exciting, depending on what you’re looking for. But no matter what you’re into, it’s always better to have a few friends along!

If you’re new to paddling, or if you’re just looking for a few new friends to head out with, check out some of Ottawa’s paddling clubs designed to help you meet new people and explore new places.  



The RA Canoe Camping Club

Info: The RACCC hosts over 200 trips, training sessions, and social events throughout the year. With more than 300 members, the club caters to individuals of all different skill levels and interests. Members have access to the RACCC’s canoes, kayaks and camping equipment. 

Activities: Flatwater paddling, whitewater paddling, and family paddling trips. 

Location:  In Ottawa and beyond- trips are often booked to explore routes a few hours away.

Children/Youth allowed: Yes

Cost of membership:  $55.37 (you have to be a member at the RA Centre as well, which costs $33 per year).



Carleton University Kayak Club

Info: The CUKC is a recreational kayaking club designed to allow white water kayakers in Ottawa to connect with each other, and to make kayaking affordable and accessible for Carleton U students. 

Activities: Kayaking

Location:  Carleton University pools (for learning/practice) and rivers in Ottawa.

Carpooling Available: Yes

Children/Youth allowed: Yes

Cost of membership: $15 per year ($10 for Carleton U students).



Coureurs de Bois Whitewater Paddling Club

Info: CdB is an active group with informal meetups throughout the year, as well as formally organized club outings. Club members plan trips locally, as well as trips as far as the Yukon!

Activities: Kayaking

Location: Locally and everywhere.  

Children/Youth allowed: Yes

Cost of membership: $20 a year (for one person or a family). 



Competitive Clubs in Ottawa

There are also clubs in Ottawa focused more on training and competing on the water, like the Rideau Canoe Club, Ottawa River Runners, the Ottawa River Canoe Club, the Ottawa Rowing Club, and the Petrie Island Canoe Club!


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